Hello....I am Tim (in the magic circle) 

I was born and grew "taller" in a distant part of our world, in the land of Attila the Hun, known as Hungary.
Little I knew that a small present from my Dear Mother, my first camera, will hugely influence my life journey and the way my eyes observe all things of the creation. 
So I've pointed my camera forward and said- You lead me and follow I will.

And so it did, compelling me to cross the high seas, distant lands and cultural divides to arrive to our ancient land called Australia. I  knew immediately that I've landed in a  unique part of the world and instantly fell in Love with the land, its timeless landscapes, endless horizons and Dreamtime stories of the past.  

I   can sense this strong energy that connects people, animals and all creatures,  mesmerising me  every day with the beauty of land, seas and skies.
Surely my camera has kept me busy by connecting with this energy and prompting me to record the land’s pristine beauty for the past 30 years.

I dedicate this image collection as a tribute to our beautiful landscapes stretching to all corners of the continent and as a homage to the Custodians, the people of the First Nation, for walking so "lightly" on this land.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

A gift that has started it all...

At a tender age of 10 my Mum handed me a gift box when she returned from a Russian business trip. 
In it was my first camera that I still cherish and protect after all these years. 

She said - May this gift guide you well in life Timmy - 
It surely did and continues to inspire me to chase the beautiful light.

 Thank you Mum for having the vision. I am eternally grateful to you.


"Moving" images 

I love the unexpected....when you use slow exposures, the subjects will have a "mind of its own" to create images that our totally out of my control. 

Like this rolling seascape, I am exposing / compositing thousands of images on the top of each other with one single exposure to create this serene, contemplating energy within the image.  

It is magical in my world. Love it....

I've made up a prayer and religiously recite it before I start my work: 
-Your Majesty the Great Pacific Ocean, the king of all Waters, please allow me to record your beauty as a glorification to the Creator- Hare 

and when she does.......WOW!

Odoo • Text and Image