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Tim has started a professional photography service in Brisbane some 20 years ago supporting  business with image requirement for their advertising and promotions endeavours. His assignments has taken him from the Cape York to Western Australia, photographing from humble tea cups to high fashion shoots,  interiors, food, and industrial products.

His approach to assignments are always the same. Be Practical, Be Friendly, Work Closely with the clients to create pleasing images with the Wow Factor.

With the invention of the internet,  all his photographs comes with a lowers image option, internet resolution optimised for fast download and accurate colour rendition for displaying in all devices.


,Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

A gift that has started it all...

At a tender age of 10 my Mum handed me a gift box when she returned from a Russian business trip.
In it was my first camera that I still cherish and protect after all these years.

She said - May this gift guide you well in life Timmy -
It surely did and continues to inspire me to chase the beautiful light.

 Thank you Mum for having the vision. I am eternally grateful to you.