Homage to an Ancient Land

Treading lightly in the footprints of indigenous people past and present. Fingal is a "beacon of light" a harmony of ancient land and its people. Feeling humbled to be here.

Blue Dawn - Fingal

 Glorious Fingal. Silhouettes of the ancient land emerges as morning lights paint the canvas sky. I am home...

Prints - Fingal 01

Eternal Fingal

Both awaits, land and me to greet the light - patience is rewarded, mind is cleared, souls is cured by beauty.

Prints - Fingal 02

Samsara - the Movement

Counting waves, exposure and lives we lived past, present, future.
Prints - Fingal 03  

  Organs of Basalt- Fingal 

Light is a friend to all, creatures, cameras and the eye of the beholder.
Prints - Fingal 04 

  Velvet of Ocean

Wrapped in velvet of water and memories as time cease to exist at Fingal.
Prints - Fingal 05

moody skies - Fingal beach

mood is the narrator
Prints - Fingal 06 

Awaiting the light - Cook Island

winter dawn magic at Fingal Head
Prints - Fingal 07  

perpetual is and eternal
where land meets the sea
Prints Fingal 08 - 09 - 10

harmony I see with every steps

bazalt organs at the sea
Prints - Fingal 11

Turtle Rock is revealed
an ancient land formed as stories told
Prints - Fingal 12

Fingal Head Selection
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